Up-Gradation and Renovation of Panah Shelter Home Karachi and the Provision of Furniture, Equipment and other missing Facilities

Location:-Panah Shelter HomeFederal B Area Karachi

Duration:-5.5 Months

Funding Agency:- UNHCR

Objective:- To enhance capacity of the Panah Shelter Home Karachi to accommodate more women victims of violence and abuse, provide them necessary medical and legal aid and protection from social and life threats


The activities of the project include the complete renovation of the building and the up-gradation of the admin block so that the capacity of the shelter home may be increased to accommodate 30 additional women. Furthermore facilities will be provided for new residents like furniture, bedding, and electronic appliances and for the new admin block as well.

About Panah Shelter Home

Panah provides shelter and solace to women who are victims of domestic and societal injustices and empowers them to take the path of socio- economic independence.

Panah accommodates women who are survivors of domestic violence, under threat to their safety as a result of exercising their choice in marriage or divorce, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, assault and exploitation and women seeking temporary refuge from other social injustices. Majority of women entering Panah Shelter Home are married, ages between 16 to 30 and mostly illiterate.

The women are entertained in the Panah Shelter Home without any discrimination of caste, creed, nationality or any other affiliation. The only criteria is that they are women and facing challenge. They come to Panah through court orders, referred by NGOs, lawyers, police sources etc.


The project will benefit thousands of women who become the victims of domestic and gender based violence and find no refuge anywhere. It is a shelter home in Pakistan for women which receives women from all parts of the country so in a way it is the facility for all women.