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   Software : Futuremark 3DMark 2.7.6296 Developer Edition (x64)

Futuremark 3DMark 2.7.6296 Developer Edition (x64)
Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 5.54 GB

3DMark benchmark treatment of common software and hardware of a computer system's power rating. Perhaps you've heard the name of the program in various articles. With this program the hardware capacity of the system is measured for different games. Stick to the nominal specification of hardware for the survey work is not accurate and Bench Marks actual use of the software is sometimes the actual result is something unlike the nominal specification hardware is, why in hardware systems use this program or other programs of benchmarking is essential.

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   Software / MacOSX : Swift Publisher 5.0.8 Multilingual macOS

Swift Publisher 5.0.8 Multilingual macOS
Swift Publisher 5.0.8 Multilingual macOS | File Size: 373 MB

Swift Publisher - this is a package of graphical utilities for macOS, especially useful for those involved in printing. Swift Publisher is designed to create document layouts, print leaflets, newspapers, brochures, booklets and similar documents. Swift Publisher works with page templates, so the user can place objects on them that are used simultaneously on several pages.

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   Software / MacOSX : Mojave Cache Cleaner 12.0.4 macOS

Mojave Cache Cleaner 12.0.4 macOS
Mojave Cache Cleaner 12.0.4 macOS | File size: 72 MB

Mojave Cache Cleaner is an award winning general purpose tool for macOS X. MCC makes system maintenance simple with an easy point and click interface to many macOS X functions. Novice and expert users alike will appreciate the powerful toolset MCC provides. Mojave Cache Cleaner is one of the world's leading maintenance tools with millions of downloads around the globe.

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   Software : Siemens FEMAP v12.0.1a with NX Nastran for (x64) 2019

Siemens FEMAP v12.0.1a with NX Nastran for (x64) 2019
x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 2.18 GB

Femap - Siemens PLM Software's pre-and postprocessor independent of CAD for engineering of finite element analysis (FEA) (Finite Element Analysis). This means that Femap is the link between the user and the solver - the kernel that performs the calculations in engineering analysis problems. Integrated with the NX Nastran solver, the Femap system runs on Microsoft Windows, is part of the Velocity Series product line, and is an independent, full-featured environment for modeling, simulating and evaluating product analysis results.
The Femap system on the basis of the NX Nastran solver allows: to analyze the dynamics and strength of structures, machines and structures, to obtain the solution of non-stationary non-linear spatial problems, the problems of mechanics of composites and composite structures, building and technological mechanics, to analyze the heat transfer, to obtain the solution of problems of fluid and gas mechanics related multidisciplinary tasks.

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   Software / MacOSX : iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe macOS

iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe macOS
iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe macOS | File size: 93.4 MB

iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac - Fast Convert Video in High Quality, Just Enjoy It! Get this easy-to-use video converter for Mac to convert videos and audio files, burn & copy DVD, download online videos & edit videos on Mac.

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   Software : SQLite Expert Professional

SQLite Expert Professional
File Size: 82.3 MB

SQLite Expert is a powerful tool designed to simplify the development of SQLite3 databases. It is a feature rich administration and development tool for SQLite designed to answer the needs of all users from writing simple SQL queries to developing complex databases.

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   Software : ManicTime Pro Multilingual

ManicTime Pro Multilingual
File size: 13.3 MB

ManicTime will allow you to use automatically recorded past events to accurately track how you spend your time on your projects. With ManicTime you'll be able to monitor the PC usage and track the most often used applications.

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   Software : Full Convert Enterprise 19.01.1523

Full Convert Enterprise 19.01.1523
File size: 91.5 MB

Full Convert is the easiest way to convert your database. Whether you need to simply copy your data over or have sophisticated customization needs, you have come to the right place. All popular databases are supported. A high-speed database converter carefully engineered to efficiently handle even the largest databases.

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   Software : Office 2013-2019 C2R Install / Install Lite 6.5.4

Office 2013-2019 C2R Install / Install Lite 6.5.4
File Size: 15.3 MB

This program designed for on-line installation and activation Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019 C2R. You also can create custom installation of Office off-line for using later.

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   Software : Weather Watcher Live 7.2.158

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.158
File Size: 6.5 MB

The new version of Weather Watcher Live - a unique design, which is a portable Windows-meteorological station, operating in real time. The program performs the basic meteofunktsii, such as the weather forecast for the nearest hour, week, month. There is also a siren to warn you about coming weather changes.

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