• To promote democratic norms in the society.
  • To capacitate the communities regarding their needs.
  • To promote healthy environment among youth by organizing them.
  • To promote gender equality and healthy cultural activities.
  • To equipped and aware the people about education, health and self-help initiatives.


  • Social Mobilization
  • Networking, advocacy and Communication
  • Capacity building, financial and technical support
  • Research and knowledge building , awareness
  • Complement existing public/private intervention.


  • Gender equality.
  • Peace and democracy.
  • Religious and cultural freedom.
  • Decentralization of powers and resources.
  • Regional cooperation.
  • Right to express.
  • Discipline and Simplicity.

Organizational Policies

  • Operational Policy and Manual
  • Human Resource Policy and Manual
  • Financial Policy and Manual
  • Procurement Policy and Manual


  1. CDF has head office in Multan and sub-offices in two cities.
  2. The organization is working in three cities
  3. A progressive organization showing good performance within 5 years of its establishment, expanding area and sectors of work
  4. The organization have office meeting major needs for the implementation of various types of projects
  5. The organization has experience of working with various donors i.e. Government, UN agencies national and international organizations.
  6. Have organizational system and policies
  7. CDF has computerized accounting system using “Quick Book Pro” software
  8. The organization has strong linkages and coordination with Government line departments, media and other non-profit organizations
  9. The organization is working with donors on regular basis since its inception without any major funding gap
  10. The organization has handled grants of more than Rs. 300 million



The CEO of the organization received two awards in 2016 for the best performance of the organization in the humanitarian sector.


  1. Markaz Publications Women Role Model Award


  1. Presidential Human Rights Award for 2016