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16 Years

14 Projects

100,000 People Served

Leaping Forward

Courage Development Foundation – CDF

C DF, Courage Development Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political, developmental organization. The leading factor behind this journey of the struggle for humanity is the misery suffered by the human beings either internal or external. The social dilemmas of differences, discrimination, inequity and marginalization; economic dilemmas of lack of either resources or access to resources; political dilemmas of disrespecting the rights of individuals citizens in different respects; overall dilemma of ignorance, poor development, suppressing the voice of humanity in misery, violation of basic human rights are driving force for CDF to remove all these misfortunes and make efforts for an empowered, developed and progressive society.


Fight Against Misery


Alleviation of misery from the life of people through mobilization of poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups of society and their participation in the development initiatives, and creation of an aware and empowered society.